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Adv. and Mediator Amit Sol is a founding partner in David-Sol law firm, and leads the fields of immigration and torts.

Amit is one of the leading and senior attorneys in the law of immigration to Israel. He provides ongoing legal support to the firm’s clients, specifically, foreign citizens, asylum seekers and refugees. The complex legal representation Amit provides covers the procedures for applying for asylum in Israel and for release from detention facilities and custody (Givon, Saharonim and Holot).

Case management according to Amit’s professional philosophy includes:

With respect to asylum applications:

– Counseling, assistance and management of applications for asylum in Israel

  • Representation in RSD interviews as part of the review of applications for asylum by the Ministry of the Interior
  • Submitting a requests for review of the decision to reject an application for asylum
  • If necessary – filing appeals and petitions against decisions of the Ministry of the Interior.

Proceedings for release from detention and custody facilities:

Counseling, assistance and management of release proceedings from detention facilities and custody, including:

  • Meetings at the accommodation and custody facilities themselves
  • Review of the relevant material and choosing the appropriate legal proceedings
  • Submission of applications to various courts and government ministries
  • Representation before detention courts
  • If necessary, appeals to the Administrative Courts on these matters and petitions to the District Courts.

In addition to matters of arrests, Amit provides ongoing counseling and advice on issues relating to status in Israel and meets with a variety of clients from different nationalities and needs.

In order to identify and verify the client’s needs, Amit examines the various files, coordinates the initial meetings, and decides on the appropriate course of action. This process enables professional and consistent control of the case management. Amit is responsible for submitting various applications to the Ministry of the Interior on different immigration matters (including applications on humanitarian and/or medical grounds) and represents asylum seekers and refugees in proceedings with the various government ministries, government officials and legal instances.

Some of the cases handled by Amit yielded precedents in Israeli case law, and even led to a legislative change in this field.

It is important to note that Amit has extensive professional knowledge and expertise in insurance and tort law. Amit provides the firm’s clients – both Israelis and asylum seekers and refugees – with comprehensive legal counsel in proceedings against insurance companies and the National Insurance Institute for the exercise of rights and receiving maximal compensation. His expertise in the field is focuses on road and workplace accidents.

Amit’s expertise, knowledge and experience are a professional and valuable asset to our firm’s clientele.

Amit interned for the State Attorney’s Office (Tel Aviv District), worked as an associate attorney in tort law, and later joined the firm of Adv. Guy David and Avi Sarusi.

Bachelor of Law (LL.B.), The Academic Center for Law and Science (2006)

Member of the Israel Bar Association, 2008

Hebrew English.

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