About David-Sol Law Offices

David-Sol Law Offices is the most prominent law firm in Israel in the field of immigration law.

The firm, grants full legal services to meet the needs of its vast and diverse clientele. But beyond legal advice, the firm considers itself, first and foremost, a home and shelter to its varied clientele, who require assistance in exercising their rights in the State of Israel.

Since 2008, the firm founders, Adv. Guy David and Adv. Amit Sol, have lived by the following values, which have turned the firm into a safe haven for its clientele: value, diligence, professionalism, care and availability around the clock to clients from all over the world.

The firm has expertise in all immigration law matters, including:

Regulation regarding legal status in Israel;

Entitlement to citizenship pursuant to the ‘Law of Return’ (Hok Ha’Shvut);

Representation of caregivers;

Representation of employers in dealing with various State and local government bodies;

Regulation of legal statues for couples;

Family reunification;

Asylum requests and refugees;

Releases from custody;

Applications on humanitarian grounds;

Visa proceedings for professional workers;

Torts (car accidents, workplace accidents);

Labor law;

Representation of individuals who have been sent to the ‘Holot’ Facility as well as individuals who are already there;

The vast experience of the team, composed of caring lawyers professional and proficient in immigration and civil law, provides the firm with irreplaceable uniqueness and professionalism, while stressing thoughtfulness and comprehension of each client, who more often than not require urgent and fast treatment with respect to day-to-day and existential legal issues.

The firm has expertise in finding creative solutions for complex situations, characteristics of the firm’s clientele.

The firm takes pride in its magnificent achievements attained by the team for the benefit of its clientele and its name is mentioned more than once in precedents and legal reasoning in matters of immigration law. These precedents are to this day quoted in various courts.

In addition to the firm’s distinct expertise in immigration law, the team has extensive experience and is very professional in the varied fields of civil law, including: real-estate, litigation, class actions, commercial law, tort (car accidents) and labor law. Thus, the firm is able to provide comprehensive legal services to its clients who in times also require assistance in civil law.

The firm is acting in full collaboration and synergy, to provide the clients the best possible service and personal treatment they require.