Civil law

Labor and Employment Law

We have many years of expertise and experience in assisting the firm’s clients, both employees (whether they have or lack legal status in Israel) and employers, in various labor law procedures.

The firm’s team has knowledge and expertise in providing legal assistance with respect to negotiating employment agreements and representing employees in their claims in all matters relating to enforcing labor laws on employers before the various courts – up to the highest appellant courts.

In addition to assisting employees, our firm also provides legal counsel to employers, corporations and small business owners, in defense against claims filed by their employees. We provide ongoing legal advice and assist with negotiations with respect to individual and collective labor agreements.

The firm’s extensive experience and familiarity in immigration law is often the key to tackle labor law matters when complex issues arise, leading to fast and efficient management of demands from various State authorities.


Our firm specializes in providing legal assistance to clients in a wide range of proceedings in the various courts.

The firm’s team has extensive knowledge and experience in representing its clients in civil-commercial litigation, including claims with respect to contracts, financial charges, corporate control disputes, real-estate and zoning.

Our team counsels a wide range of clients, from individuals (whether they have or lack legal status in Israel and some without), commercial corporations, and well-known infrastructure construction companies, large and small business owners and the like. We provide them with personal and professional legal services throughout the process until completion.

In addition, our firm has many years of expertise in accompanying and representing clients in alternative dispute resolution procedures (mediation and arbitration) on various matters and procedures.

Class actions

Our team has experience and expertise in class actions.

Our firm prides itself on the ability of its legal team to address the various cases in a system-wide manner, while finding the right and multidisciplinary solutions for its clients, suited to their personal needs.

The firm assists plaintiffs against well-known companies in the fields of catering, the industrial industry, real-estate and commerce.


The firm’s team has experience and expertise in tort law, including personal injury, property damage, workplace accidents, insurance claims and defamation.

Our firm assists its clients in various proceedings before the courts and various insurance companies, and also represents them in claims against third parties, claims due to workplace accidents and property damage claims, for both minor and major damages, in a professional and thorough manner.

The team had expertise in providing legal counsel to car accident in simple and difficult cases alike.

In addition, we represent our clients in defamation matters, in complex claims which combine civil and criminal elements. These require knowledge and experience which has been acquired by the firm’s team over the years, through its involvement in numerous and varied cases.

Commercial law

Our firm provides its clients with a wide range of commercial law services.

As part of its activities, the firm’s team assists public corporations, partnerships, private companies and individuals in various proceedings, including negotiations for the drafting of commercial contracts, support to corporate secretaries and corporate officers, establishing and registering private companies with the Corporations Authority.

The firm’s team has experience, knowledge and expertise in formulating strategies for our clients and preparing documents of a commercial nature, including commercial contracts such as distribution, licensing, cooperate matters, acquisition (including acquisition of activities) and investment agreements.


The firm’s team has experience and expertise in supporting clients with respect to negotiating various real-estate transactions and, as a result, dealing with various state authorities as an integral part of these transactions.

The firm provides ongoing assistance and management of various real-estate transactions – both in nature and complexity – including advising and supporting real-estate projects, sales and purchase transactions, long-term leasing, representation before the tax authorities with regard to land taxation, dealing with protected tenants, urban renewal projects and commercial rental transactions.

The firm’s team has many years of experience in dealing with the various State authorities and its branches in the management of real-estate transactions (including the Israel Lands Authority, the Land Registry Office, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Justice), the various housing companies and the planning and construction committees.